The Law Office of Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK specializes in servicing entities associated with the broadly-understood “Italian market”

Italian Desk

The Law Office of Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK specializes in servicing entities associated with the broadly-understood “Italian market”. We specially created our BBK Italian Department which is focused on offering highly specialized legal services and business advice to many of our Customers, starting with Italian companies, and through the spectrum including Italian citizens and Polish companies doing business or trading in Italy.

The BBK Italian Department is led by our attorney, Mr. Martino Battara, a partner at the law office of BBK, who holds dual citizenship (Polish and Italian) and has full command of the Polish and Italian languages. The BBK Italian Department also includes other Italian-speakers, starting from our attorneys, and ending with the administrative staff, who, thanks to their excellent knowledge of Italian and Italian culture, are able to provide any support required by Italian Clients in their native language. Thanks to the dynamic activity of the attorneys of the BBK Italian Department, our team is undoubtedly an important point of reference on the Polish market to those interested in maintaining Polish – Italian business relations.

The BBK Italian Department services such companies as: Alitalia, the De’Longhi Group, the Crespi/Orsa Group, Salcef Costruzioni Edili e Ferroviarie S.p.A., Generali, INSO, Sabatini, and Rail Transport Vehicles PESA Bydgoszcz S.A.

The BBK Italian Department also offers its specialized services to all interested Polish business people operating or about to start their operations in Italy, or with Italian partners.

Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the mentality, habits, language, and Italian law, the services provided by the BBK Italian Department to Polish companies has proven to be extremely valuable for a better understanding of Italian contracting parties and for safeguarding the interests of Polish entrepreneurs.

The BBK Italian Department also offers its services to all Italian and Polish citizens in any legal issues that might require specialized assistance.

Legal support for Italian Clients in Poland covers a very broad range of issues, including:

– legal services connected with the introduction of Italian businesses on the Polish market (in conjunction with business advice),

– current, ongoing legal and business-related servicing of Italian companies in Poland (in all fields of law and business issues);

– strategic advice;

– identifying business partners;

– market research, support for accounting and financial advisory services, temporary and permanent management of companies.