Law Office of Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK provides wide range of legal services

Commercial and economic law

The scope of services offered to companies by the Law Office of Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK covers legal assistance in the areas of commercial and business law, including among others:

  • current support for corporate processes (support for company principals, organizing shareholders’ meetings and general meetings, the preparation of various corporate-related documents, etc.);
  • the setting-up and registration of companies;
  • the representation of companies before the KRS (National Commercial Court Registry) and other national and local government offices, as may be applicable in terms of business activity;
  • due diligence of companies and enterprises;
  • legal advice in the processes of ownership transformations;
  • privatization consulting;
  • legal advice and support for the processes of acquisition, sale and lease of enterprises and companies;
  • legal advice on investments in Poland and investment strategy advice;
  • the introduction of companies into the Polish market, seeking out business partners in Poland and Italy, and market research;
  • legal support for liquidation and bankruptcy procedures.