Law Office of Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK provides wide range of legal services

The building law

An area in which the Law Office of Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK has achieved numerous successes due to the particular specialization of its attorneys is in the professional servicing of construction companies. In this area, the Law Office of Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK offers among others, the following services:

  • the drafting of construction-related contracts (FIDIC based and non-FIDIC type) and other documents associated with legal relations in respect of construction-related works;
  • ongoing, legal advice during the execution of construction-related processes;
  • advice on claims relating to the process of building and construction works;
  • representation of Clients in administrative proceedings related to the building process;
  • representing Clients in relations with private entities involved in the building process;
  • support for legal proceedings related to construction;
  • investment and strategic advice associated with the building process;
  • services associated with introductions and connecting with other construction companies.